WCTI technology is protected by patents;
Licensee Services - WCTI Inc
WCTI Mission
  • License water treatment professionals who will provide access to this technology
  • Disseminate performance, water and environmental conservation knowledge
  • Develop regeneration efficient ion exchange equipment and operational reliability
  • Continue R&D on technology that will sustain our water & environment
Technology Licensing

· Inhibitor technology, water conservation, and pre-conditioning equipment
· National and International licensee locator / contact information
· Licensing now available in US, Canada, Australia, India and Europe
· Website email inquiry, licensee referral
· Licensee downloadable access to water/salt savings analysis and equipment selection (ESPG)
· Licensee downloadable access to published papers, case histories and presentations

Proprietary WCTI Equipment

· High efficiency designs with off shelf system cost economy, reliability and technical support
· Designs provide 30-50% regenerate reduction, 70% waste flow reduction, and polished quality
· Designed for performance reliability and to optimize “Zero Tower Blowdown” benefits
· Design also excellent for boiler and RO pre-treatment applications

Licensee Marketing Support
· Water/regenerate use reduction focus for WCTI pre-conditioning equipment
· Water/regenerate savings calculators sized to service load for pre-conditioning design
· Custom pre-treatment system installation/startup manuals
· Email, verbal and site support for specific water quality and pre-treatment requirements
· Group and individual sales staff training
Professional / Technical Development


•Task Group Studies*
•Symposia Papers*
•Professional Journals
•Joint R&D Studies*
•Pre-treat R&D*
•Testing Standards*
•Alternative Metals*
•Green Chemistry*
Scope of Technology Licensing

This description of our scope of technology licensing is offered for exploration of business opportunity related to commercialization of
patented cooling water scale and corrosion control technology. Water Conservation Technology International, Inc (WCTI) has been
granted six US scale and corrosion control patents as well as International patents. Further patents are pending. WCTI is structured for
continued research and development, patented technology licensing, with sales only through licensed distributor and agent

This patented technology permits significant water conservation (typically reducing 20-50% of cooling tower blow down water wastage)
with resultant savings form both water use reduction and chemical use costs to the licensee and their end user clients. In general,
current water treatment method costs are 50-200% higher since they operate with the combined expense of chemicals and blow down
water wastage. However, the performance benefits are even more outstanding. WCTI technology eliminates scale formation with pre-
treatment removal of scaling ions, while providing corrosion protection that is superior to any previous available technology, even with
extremely high solids (TDS) water that results from zero liquid discharge. Method chemistry is also very prohibitive to biological activity.

Pre-treatment removal of hardness ions from the source water is a principal step of the patent method. The patents cover all other
forms of pre-treatment, in addition to the preferred sodium cycle softening, for removal of hardness. The pre-treated source water
quality required to assure optimum method performance requires exceptional makeup water quality and equipment performance
reliability. WCTI has developed proprietary pre-treatment equipment that is sold (required) with licensed use of the method. The
equipment only utilizes 4 Lbs salt per CF resin for regeneration, and produces polished quality soft water. We have optimized
manufacturing cost through use of standard “off shelf” designs that are competitive for pursuit of commercial and institutional cooling
tower systems in addition to industrial applications. This standardized equipment will enable common base of design and service
knowledge to support potential licensees. We are also currently researching alternative pretreatment designs for industrial
applications and areas impacted by environmental restrictions in U.S. markets.

Water treatment service marketing will be reshaped by this technology toward pre-treatment of source water and reliance upon service
expertise for the pre-treatment equipment operation. Companies that have pre-treatment equipment expertise may be good candidates
for licensees, as potential sales for water conservation in the cooling water market will be significantly larger than existing pre-
treatment markets. Protection provided by patent and proprietary equipment will insure sales and service to applications in existing
water treatment markets can be retained. Any territory where an established service and sales infrastructure exists, with qualified staff
to represent and market the technology, would be eligible for technology licensing. This technology will strengthen current water
treatment presence and alternatives within existing and growth markets by offering water conservation, non-chemical programs,
environment sustaining “green” chemistry and outstanding corrosion, scale and bilogical control performance.

Fixed fee service contracts for use of the method in treating cooling systems along with equipment support and program service is
offered to customers as a monthly program fee. Pre-treatment equipment systems manufactured by WCTI provide a consistent and
reliable operation format for technical and service support, as well as state of art efficency and on line remote performance monitoring
(RPA). International license opportunities are also currently available for Australia, Canada and Europe and India. Other countries will
be licensed when technology protections can be established. WCTI support strategy will provide continuing R&D, pursuit of patent
protected technology, equipment design excellence and reliability, assurance of performance value in markets through our licensees,
and competitive license fees that are paid as applied. Further information on support provided to WCTI licensees and example license
structure will be provided for evaluation, following qualification information and exchange of intent communications.


Dan Duke, President
WCTI, Inc.



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